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Travelling with Purpose

Most of us want to take on the world and explore all that it has to offer, right?  That’s exactly how I feel, too.  But, after traveling to more then 40+ countries, I wanted to do more than that.  So, I decided to do this.  This is a key concept of The Bottom Up Project that focuses on travelling the world and exploring to my heart’s content, but also in making sure that everything I do makes a positive difference in someone else’s life — someone else who needs help that I can provide.  Hence: travelling with purpose.

Van Life

What is Van Life?

This is pretty much as simple as it sounds, you’ll be happy to learn!  It’s life in a custom-built  RV or camper van and it involves driving from one place to another and bringing skills and resources to all those who need them most.  It’s designed to be an adventure with a deeper purpose and it is a passion project that is going to help make the lives of so many people better!

The Bottom Up Project is a nonprofit that allows me to combine my own skills with those skills of sponsors, and other interested people, together in a targeted package that will be able to take it all on the road and help those who need it.  The goal of The Bottom Up Project is to help everyone get access to the skills and information that need to make their lives better, and The Van Life is the perfect way to literally take it all to them!


Why Me?


Hi, I’m Dinesh.  I live in Ottawa, Canada and I’ve been able to learn some pretty valuable skills over the years.  I can work as a designer, a developer and a handyman.  These skills, combined with avid love of travelling, mean that I can put my skills on the road and bring them directly to the people who need them most.

What can I contribute?

  • I can design and create websites, and build an online presence (through e-commerce, social media, etc.)
  • I do digital transformation and can improve business processes
  • I can do small and medium-sized repairs of all kinds
  • I can develop business plans, marketing strategies and grow profit streams
  • I can connect to networks which will provide free help and advice
  • I have the ability to re-think business models with a focus on reducing their environmental impact and help improve their social impact

The Journey

What I’m doing

As far as specifics are concerned, I’m going to drive from Ottawa, Canada, to Chile in a camper van that is custom-designed for my purpose.  Along the way, I will improve the lives of as many people as I can using my own skills as well as those who wish to partner up and share their own skills on the road, too.    My journey will be long, but it will be fulfilling and dedicated on the things that matter most:

  • Real skills for real life situations and needs: There is always someone in need of education. My goal in Van Life is to bring that education straight to them by physically driving there and communicating it to them.  In situations where I don’t have the skill I need, I will reach out through social media and someone who does can share what they know to the people who need it most.


  • Sustainability via the United Nations: as per the goals of the United Nations, I am focused on making sure that I focus on those developments that are going to best help those in need. This is done through careful planning and reference to those outlines and goals, adapting and adjusting them as I need to.
  • Global collaboration: There is so much to be learned, but helping people connect with each other is sometimes easier said than done. Van Life, via The Bottom Up Project, is going to help bring the world together virtually and give everyone who wants the opportunity to share what they know with those who need it.  This helps make the world a better place.

What are my goals?

Its not about the Numbers!

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Social media

How can you help and follow?

There is no better time to take knowledge and education to the world, and Van Life is going to be the sustainable and immersive way to do it right.  I hope you’ll consider following the journey on social media and, if you’re interested, offering your own skills and/or your sponsorship of this exciting project.