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Connecting doers together

If you’re like most people, you’ve tried just about every app out there: social media, dating, games.  But what if you had an app on your phone that could help make the world a better place?  This is an app that is going to help you connect with other people specifically for the purpose of helping them.  The app is designed to foster problem solving and a sense of community that everyone can benefit from, whether they’re the recipient or the giver.

Matches skills to those in need

Whether you do a manual search with skills that you have, or you set up a profile so that they match up automatically with jobs as they become available, you can get matched as a giver to a recipient that will help you use your skills to make others lives better.

Create a project and manage it

If you want to, you can create a project and show someone who to break it down into manageable chunks so that the learner on the other end not only understands what to do ,but how to problem-solve.

Search and Filter

From skillset to location, you can enjoy a filtering system that allows you to focus online help through the app, or in-person help if you’d like to head out in your local community and lend a hand. This is designed to be done your way and on your terms.

Collect points

For all of our givers, we have a point system that allows you to calculate just how much of a positive impact you’ve had. It is often what keeps most going and it’s such a positive way to help see just what you can do for other people.

You’ll have the option of sharing stories and adventures from our app on social media so that you can show others in your life just what you’re up to, hopefully recruiting them to sign up, too, and share their own skills with those who can use them.  It can be one of the coolest things that your friends see on their News Feeds every single day!

It’s not very often that we get a chance to help others in such incredible ways, but if you download The Bottom Up Project app, you’ll be able to make a positive difference in the lives of other people every single day in ways that don’t involve you getting out of your comfort zone.