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Moving forward together

Love the focus of The Bottom Up Project and want to find a way to help?  Consider becoming one our valued sponsors!  Every person who becomes part of our exciting sponsorship program is going to be giving us the power to help bring connection to all those who truly need it.  Our goal with our project is to bring skills to those all over the world through the power of community and collaboration.  Your financial contributions help us to do just that. 

There a few ways that you can show your support:

  • Contributing to our ability to travel through a van sponsorship: A huge part of our project is making it mobile through an van/RV that is equipped to travel all the way from Ottawa, Canada to Chile, stopping multiple places in between. If you, or someone you know, can help in sponsoring a RV or van to help us do that, this is a wonderful way to give us support.
  • Helping sponsor our app and its development: We are working to develop an app (you can find more information about our app here) and if you are able to help by building and maintaining our app, we’d be very grateful and glad to have your support.
  • Tech and communication: From video logging, to editing and publishing software, our goal is to document the entire journey on the go. Donating this kind of equipment and software would be of great help in our adventure.

Why sponsor us?

We get that there are a lot of other great nonprofits that you can consider sponsoring.  However, by partnering with us, you can reach far and wide in bringing resources, tools, and support to those who are in most need of it.  You can also enjoy us promoting your business and brand, which can help boost your sales and your image.  Simply put, there are only good things waiting for you by pairing with us. Interested in taking the plunge?

Download our full sponsorship proposal below and take a closer, more detailed look!

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