Moving Forward Together

As human beings, global inequality is one of the biggest challenges that we can face. Why not face it together?

Below, learn how you can help make a difference.​

Are you aware that there is an alternative way to live? 

We don’t necessarily mean a way of life itself, but the approach that you take to your life. While most of us take a certain path, there’s another more appealing one, and it’s one that is actually going to be a whole lot more rewarding than the way that most people do things…read on for more information!

The Problem

As far as our current day to day life, we’ve got quite a few problems that make it challenging and stressful no matter how motivated we are.

Life moves too fast

While there are constant evolutions and inventions that make our lives faster, life itself also speeds up. As a society, we are pushing forward faster and faster and that relentless pace burns us all out, not to mention destroys the people that you leave in the dust.

We’ve got the wrong incentive

Most of us don’t think about why we do what we do, but that incentive does factor in. The thing is, rich people help other rich people.  While poor people are left to their own ways.  Who does that help, then, really?

Money doesn’t equal happiness

Most of us are all about the money, and that’s considered totally normal.  However, many of us find that even with oodles of money, we aren’t happy.  That old saying is true, after all!

We are dependent instead of independent

We depend on those around us for a lot of things. Money, a livelihood, etc.  But that dependency can make us even unhappier.  Why not be happy and independent?

The solution

All of those problems can be solved by simply taking a bit of time to look at what we’re actually doing on a day to day basis.  We focus on…

Helping people directly

There’s no management from a middle man, just direct from us to the people.  This means that what you do really does matter and you get to see that first-hand.

Enjoying real connections

We directly help you create lasting relationships and connections that are going to feel authentic because they are authentic.  You’ll be able to enjoy being part of extended family, too, all over the globe!

Being efficient and focused on what really matters

Since the end result is the most important thing, 100% of the resources that we provide go directly to the user and no one else.  After all, it is focused on you.

There are better incentives

Look at longer term incentives; right now, when you take things for happiness it gives you instant happiness, but this leads to the need to take even more. Try giving, it will also give you instant happiness and a more prolonged effect than taking.

What we value most

We take a lot of pride in the work that we do, and it all comes back to our business values.  These are:

Bringing people together

From inequality to financial situations, we focus on breaking down the walls and bringing everyone together by opening their mind and helping people really communicate with each other.

Destroying dependency for good

By helping you understand what dependency is, we can help you make better decisions to help you become independent in your own, personal way. Everyone’s journey from dependence to independence is different.

Fighting ignorance and cruelty

No one deserves to feel like a second class citizen and we work hard at connecting with everyone on the same level to give them the same information that is both educational and entertaining.

What is the Van Life?

If you’re ready to make that change and learn about how you can add more intention and purpose to your life, consider being a part of The Van Life.  Whether you’re a donor or a supporter or something more, you can help bring real skills and development opportunities to everyone — no matter where they are!

Empowering people to do what they believe in

Each of us has their passions and beliefs, which is what makes us all unique. Let’s get together and teach each other about the things we each feel passionate and are knowledgeable about. In so doing, we will be helping others move forward with their lives and create long-lasting relationships.

17 SDG's

These 17 goals, or SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) , are a set of 17 interconnected goals designed to be a ‘blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all’. They were developed by the United Nations General Assembly and are intended to be achieved by the year 2030. They form part of a Resolution called the 2010 Agenda, better known as Agenda 2030.